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Our Mission
The Company

Our Mission

Our mission is to focus on production of our two main product's lines:

* High quality optical IFF system -ruggedized thermal beacons that can emit both in the Mid-IR (3-5 microns) and Far-IR (8-12 microns) were developed for vehicle and dismounts application. These beacons are capable to signal into the near-IR (0.8 microns) - specificaly and/or simultaneously . Our beacons are fully complying with STANAG 2129 and also exceed it where the near-IR was not required in this STANAG. The unit can be seen from 4 Km away or even much further if seen from an airborne platform.

*High power lasers - that will illuminate the battle field and point out targets for Close Air Support (CAS) and other types of close support. 
These products are characterized by their high output, which usually will exceed 1W and they can be ordered in a variety of wave lengths.

Our skilled staff is determined and trained to build our products in the most professional method using quality materials for the benefit of our customers.
After sale support is offered not only through the warranty period by can be prolonged to longer period of time, according to our customer's requirements.

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